Central Heating and Air is a local and dedicated business in the Pekin Illinois area offering anything pertaining to: HVAC, Air Conditioning and Heating, Plumbing; along with many other personal needs. Through inherited traits as the business was passed down through generations, supreme knowledge has been padded to allow for the highest quality services in your area. It is important to recognize that just because a job is complete, the reassurance that is will last is usually not there. However, with all cooling or heating installations, Central Heating and Air guarantees the longevity of their products.

Dedication beyond the service is another focus that Central Heating and Air in Pekin Illinois strives for the most. Rather than simply “getting the job done”, a relationship is established between the business and the customer. We ensure that you know exactly what is taking place, rather than being blind-sighted about what work was conducted

We grow with the technology. Our state of the arc tools can detect leaks, water damage, temperature leaks, and allow for conclusions that many other businesses cannot acquire. Many businesses generate claims that there are a series of issues, however this is the case of not being able to pinpoint the problem. Rather than fixing multiple issues without guarantee that it will work, trust Central Heating and Air to allocate the problem effectively, and fix it efficiently

Our new website and blog is just the beginning of our branch into technology to reach out to the customers that we care about most. Central Heating and Air has been around for many years serving your community, and is recognized as one of the most loyal and dedicated businesses by many reviewers. The intentions of this business are to grant the highest quality services at the most affordable prices. We assure you that one phone call can change your preference for HVAC, heating & cooling, and plumbing services for a lifetime.

Central Heating and Air is a family owned business, allowing for trust to be cycle through he family over the years. With members of the family hired as employees, you can be ensured that each worker strives for customer satisfaction, and isn’t there just for their paycheck.

So we must ask:

  • Are you staying cool this summer?
  • Do you feel as if your Air Conditioners are operating at maximum efficiency?
  • Does it appear as if the air is escaping from your home too quickly?
  • Are you ready to begin preparing for cooler temperatures and start inspections?
  • How is the plumbing operation functioning in your current home?

Each and all of these questions are important to ask yourself from a money saving perspective. Air escapes can cause over $100 in electrical loss a year. A single service or repair will result in a more efficient home, and supreme money savings

Feel free to give Central Heating and Air in Pekin Illinois a call today for a free estimate. An inspection can be set up on the same day, we guarantee it will be worth it

Central Heating and Air,
- Pekin IL