Common Heating Issues - Pekin IL & Peoria IL
Cold temperatures bring more detriment than we ever plan for. It seems as if the struggles of cold fade away throughout the summer just to hit us twice as hard the upcoming year. Thankfully, as locals of Pekin, Illinois and Peoria, Illinois; together we have educated ourselves on how to maintain warmth and sanity through the upcoming months. Here at Central Heating, Plumbing, & Air (Pekin, IL & Peoria, IL), we would like to challenge you one step further. Extra jackets and clothing aside, is the Heating (HVAC) performance in your home/business as profound as it should be? Year-to-year we emphasize just how important (and dollar saving) an efficient heating system truly is. Our certified team can offer scans in this regard, but today we would rather point out possible issues to keep your senses attentive as we dive into these winter months. Most failures can be detected before the problem gets worse, especially if educated on what to look out for.

Abnormal or "Stressed Sounds"
As we spend more time indoors, it is likely that you have a solid sense of what an operable heating unit sounds like. Keep your ears ringing for any sounds that might be out of the ordinary and/or sounds that are a clear indicator that your unit is "stressed" (working too hard). These are signs of upcoming failure and/or excruciating electricity bills.

Musky or Crude Smells
Heat has a smell, and all throughout Winter we might crave this more than anything! Pay careful attention to whether or not this smell becomes too musky, stuffy, or evolves into a crude nature. This can be a direct result of an old filter polluting the day-to-day air you, your family, or your employees breathe in.

Flashing Lights
Usually the lights on your Heating Unit reflect green or red. Although this may match your Holiday decorations, it is important to discover the reasoning behind every light indication. In most cases, if there is an issue (and your unit is newer); it will inform you of the problem before your senses pick up on it

Cold/Hot Spots
Are there areas in your home that are impossible to heat and/or areas that receive more heat than normal? This not only sky rockets electricity bills as your units try to heat those areas, but also emphasizes that installation efficiency is incorrectly appropriated. Your home should be thoroughly and equally heated in almost every area.

After attempting to work with many other contractors in the area, I could tell I was a fly on the wall to them. Most of the time I was booked weeks into the future, and treated as if I disappeared, they simply would not care. The level of comfort granted by this business just cannot be experienced anywhere else. This must be how it is when you build your entire company of family values. (Joe L.)

As we take another winter plunge into colder temperates, it is important to be aware of common Heating Unit malfunctions. We have learned year to year how to throw on more layers and keep our bodies warm, but keeping your home warm in the most efficient manner is something many of us still lack knowledge (and electricity companies love that). Remember to use your senses this Holiday Season and look out for the commonalities listed in the article. If anything abnormal does arise, do not hesitate to reach out to our certified team at Central Heating, Plumbing, & Air. We would be more than happy to assist you over the phone (if possible), and provide speedy repairs/installations if needed. Our team would like to wish you, your home/business, and your family/employees true warmth this holiday season (with no cold spots).

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