Mainting AC (Air Conditioning) Efficiency in Pekin or Peoria IL

This time of year, cooling systems are running non stop to keep you and your family comfortable as the temperatures continue to rise. Our reliability in these systems are much higher than many believe, and usually goes unnoticed until a problem is encountered. Although most AC (Air Conditioning) unit issues are fixable, there are some instances in which they escalate to more prominent and long lasting problems. This not only emphasizes the need to continuously inspect that your AC is operating effectively, but also to have an HVAC company on hand for when an issue is encountered. Central Heating, Plumbing, and Air is here for all of your Air Conditioning and Cooling needs this summer; offering affordable options and financing when needed.

• Lack of airflow is one of the most common signs that your Air Conditioning system is not operating at maximum efficiency, and on the verge of going out. This could mean that your ductwork is clogged, and can be fixed with proper instruction or by a certified company.
• Another common sign that your AC system is failing is strange noises. These could include: squealing, grinding, or grating sounds. These sounds indicate that there is a deeper issue within the AC unit, and allowing this to continue can result in costlier repairs or even replacement down the road.
• Foul Odors can also emit from an Air Conditioning unit over time due to the constant pull of bacteria and humidity build up. Musty smells usually indicate that mold or mildew are growing inside of the ductwork and can emit harm into your home beyond the actual repair
• Moisture within the AC unit can eventually lead to leakage, and if that liquid is refrigerant leak you will want to get that resolved immediately. Even if the moisture is simply water build up from humidity, this can eventually lead to the previously discussed issue of foul odors, mold, and mildew.
• If the air from your system does not feel as cool or cold as normal, there’s a chance the system’s compressor has failed or that the refrigerant levels are too low. This means that you are paying the same amount in electricity to cool your home at a slower rate, and should be solved immediately

It is important to recognize that most of these issues not just ruin an AC unit over time, but cool your home less efficiently; therefore costing you more money for less result. A simple inspection will ensure that your Cooling Systems are not failing, and save you money down the line as your system now offers maximum efficiency.

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