Our Covid 19 Efforts: Here Through the Standstill in Pekin or Peoria IL
In the past week, the entire world as whole is undergoing catastrophe in regards to the Coronavirus now being classified as a Pandemic. Although media proportion can be argued, it is evident that this disease is in disrupting schools, businesses, and day to day life for worldwide citizens. As stores continue to deplete their resources to buyers, many are planning on remaining indoors during this time period until greater control is placed upon the virus. Here at Central Heating, Plumbing, & Air we are devoted to instilling proper sanitary measures when operating through this time period. Each of our employees' health is verified before entering your home, doing so in a diligent manner as we strive for mutual protection against the disease. With indoor time increasing in the upcoming weeks and months, especially during colder days, we want to assure you that we remain on standby for your HVAC needs all throughout Pekin Illinois, Peoria Illinois, and surrounding areas.

School, Work, and other event cancellations are skyrocketing, with the advisory to remain in personal quarantine. Rather than spending just a small percent of your day indoors, you may find that you are spending little to none outside! During this time period it is expected that previously unnoticed issues may arise. This may be unfamiliar noises, lack of air circulation, or abnormal temperatures not usually recognized throughout the day. Throughout this lockdown, there is also possibility that everyday equipment may fail; leaving you and your family in a frigid home with anxiety on who to call. Not only is Central, Heating, Plumbing, & Air available during these moments, but will also provide our services in a manner with dual regards to our equal sanitary concerns. Now is also the time to consider replacing old filters and sealing areas of your home to ensure that healthy circulated air is keeping you and your family as healthy as possible. Feel free to call or reach out to our team during this time to discuss any concerns

We wish you, your families, and your businesses the absolute best during this time period. When struck with such an unexpected occurrence, it is important to assist those in need. At this time there is no telling when more control will be placed on the current term of events, but in the meantime we encourage everyone's safety and diligence towards keeping yourself and others from being affected. Our team of certified HVAC, plumbing, and remodeling experts have been instructed on a case to case basis how to move forward about operating services during this time. Although these concerns may be the last on your mind at this time, we wish to provide mental ease as you can trust a company is on standby in case of emergency.

The Pekin Illinois, Peoria Illinois, and surrounding communities are in the struggle together, with fingers crossed and state implementations to place a firm grip on this infection. We are on standby for your each and every need, and hope you do not hesitate to raise your questions and concerns throughout this standstill period.

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